If you could make one update to your home, what would it be? Upgrades and DIY projects can be one of the best parts of owning your own home. Want to redo the floors or finish the basement? Have at it. Maybe install some energy efficient windows or redo the roof? Sounds good. Owning a home is a wonderful thing because you get to add value to it by doing things that matter to you and your family. It might take you a few times to get it right, but it’s your house and you can do with it what you want.

If you want a helpful website on home improvements and values to make for a better ROI (Return On Investment) check out Remodeling COSTvsValue to better plan your next home improvement project and add to your home’s value and overall investment. Houselogic is another helpful website I’ve recommended to people for their DIY projects.

A word of caution for home owners… Just because you make amazing updates doesn’t mean your home’s value automatically increases. Markets fluctuate and it is possible to make your home too nice compared to the surrounding homes. If you are thinking about a major update for your home, I’d highly recommend asking your local real estate agent who knows the area and can provide some useful comps.


Check out my friend Mike Wooter’s updates. This guy is the king of home DIY projects and renovations.


Before Bathroom Before bathroom


After bathroom After Bathroom

Now all you see is a jungle…
backyard before

Now you don’t!
backyard cleared

Ta Da! 
backyard after

Great job Mike! Keep up the good work in creating your dream home for you and Rachel. These updates are great examples of smart investments that will pay off in big ways!