I have to admit, moving gives me stress. I don’t care for decorating and I am a minimalist, so it’s rather ironic that I’m writing this post. I am so thankful for my wife Em’s ability to handle our move so well. This is one fun puzzle in her mind. She likes the process and I like the final results. We work well together and I hope these simple tips will help you in your move (or future move)!

1) Be patient and flexible! Things will break, plans change and accidents happen. You might have to sleep on the floor, use plastic utensils for a month or barrow your neighbors internet, but the work will get done and everyone will live to tell the tale.

2) Top items you will need in the moving process:
– Boxes, we got a ton of free boxes from the local liquor store. They are heavy duty and FREE!
–  Tape, I’d recommend shipping tape for boxes and gaff tape (worth the extra money) to tape things like draws, mirrors and items you don’t want tape residue on.
– Padding! We just used blankets, towels and clothes because we’re cheap.
– Cleaning supplies!

3) PURGE! Seriously, it’s good for you and if you can’t do it ask someone to help. We’ve given so much stuff to Salvation Army and friend’s who need things. Em and I have both had moments where we’d like to keep something the other thinks we don’t need and we’ve learned to just be okay with giving it away.

4) Change your paper work and stop utilities before you move. Change your address for credit cards, voting registration, bank info, Postal Service and utility companies. I like doing this as soon as possible just for peace of mind. I also don’t like paying for things when I’m not using them.

Now Stop! I want you to step away from the moving process to rest! I’ll have more moving tips in my next post! And yes, the picture above is our apartment… or what’s left of it.