Now that you’re all rested from part one, check out the rest of the post to help in your move.

5) Pay for movers or recruit every person you know to help move. If you have specialty furniture or difficult living quarters, I’d recommend paying professionals. If you do hire, hire someone who has worked with the company before. We’ve had friends hire movers from CraigsList who stole their seat cushions because they were mad at their boss. If you’re like us, you’ll recruit your friends like crazy and then stuff them with drinks and pizza to say thanks!

6) Work in chunks. You may not always be able to take multiple trips between your old and new place (bonus points if you can), but if you’re able, try to spend one day patching walls, then one taking apart furniture, organizing/boxing/purging a room.

7) Label! Mark each box of the items inside and the room it should go in. Save yourself and everyone else the process of guessing what’s inside or where to move a piece of furniture.

8) Have everything in order so come moving day, you only need to load and clean. Trust me those two tasks will keep you plenty busy.

Moving may feel like chaos, don’t be afraid to ask for help and get rid of stuff along the way. Smart moves enable people to build healthy homes and that’s what I hope these tips can do for you. Happy moving!